I hope everyone is ready for the Holiday season! Some major changes have happened in the last couple of weeks. I have taken over the helm of W5YI and the NRE Colem. As of December 4th 2023 Larry Pollock has retired. Larry has been at the helm of W5YI Since Fred Maia W5YI retired about year 2000. Larry has agreed to stay aboard as a Director Emeritus to provide guidance and help with the transition. Tiffany resigned from W5YI in early September. Tracy has taken on the day to day operations of the VEC. We are currently working on updating contact information, web sites, and documentation. We expect to have the bulk of the transition completed by the start of the new year. We have phones and new emails!! Please check out https://w5yi-vec.org/index.php/contact-us for the new contact information. Some changes will be occurring in the new year to hopefully make being a CVE for W5YI a great experience. USPS mail will be delayed if sent to the old PO Box or street address. Mail forwarding is taking over a week to occur! Web sites and email are all in transition. Michael Masterson WT9V has been critical in the move. You will notice several changes from one day to the next or even between views in the same day as we make this transition. My Tuesday evening test sessions will be held each week even if there are no applicants. This is the place to get the latest news or discuss any concerns. The zoom link is always posted on the W5YI discord server by 6:30 before the 7pm meeting. In other news: The NCVEC QPC has released the new 2024 Extra Class Question pool for review. Please go to https://www.ncvec.org/index.php/2024-2028-extra-class-question-pool-release to see the new QP. Examtools and Hamstudy also have the new QP in place. Note these questions do NOT become effective until July 1, 2024. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas , and looking forward to the New Year. Allan R Batteiger WB5QNG